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Previous Events

We have been holding monthly events in Reffley Wood since March 2009.

The Creative Sunday activities have been:

Date Event

March 2009

Walking sticks and dream catchers (kind of)

April 2009

Making giant (and miniature) bird nests & mud pies

May 2009

Clay creatures. Making creatures from clay to be fired and hidden around the wood.

June 2009

Treasure hunt and picnic (National Family Week)

July 2009

Painting, drawing and hiding clay creatures

August 2009

Play in the wood: building dens and getting messy

September 2009

Autumn activities in the wood: lots of activities in a hand drawn booklet to amuse and entertain

October 2009

The Big Draw: Part of a national celebration of drawing, we ‘drew’ a giant tree on the ground in the central clearing out of sticks and logs

November 2009

The Big Day Out in the Wood: we had a tree felled and made charcoal, a bear hunt with real teddy bears, Bob the cob pony (with Mark) demonstrated horse logging

December 2009

Christmas decorations from natural materials: we made some Christmas decorations from things found in the wood as well as performance poetry and a voice workshop.

 Date  Event

January 2010

A Walk in the Woods

February 2010

Another Walk in the Woods

March 2010

Re-building the giant birds’ nests

April 2010

Easter Egg Hunt around the wood

May 2010

Making more clay creatures to hide in the wood

June 2010

Making Stick Sculptures: using just some string and what we could find in the wood we made a range of different sculptures

July 2010

Creature Hunt: we followed a trail through the wood searching for all manner of bugs and other creatures

August 2010

Den building: getting mucky and having fun building dens and running around

September 2010

The Party in the Wood: over 300 people attended this party in the wood with a drumming workshop, folk singers, and traditional woodcraft activities

October 2010

Building a troll and 3 billy goats gruff by the pond

November 2010

Gruffalo Hunt: an astonishing 93 people turned up and hunted for 12 nuts, a fox, an owl and a snake with a ‘real’ Gruffalo at the end

December 2010

Christmas Crafts and Pot Luck Lunch at South Wootton Village Hall




Sunday 30th January 2011

Winter Woodland Walk

We went for a muddy meander around the walk to blow the winter cobwebs away. Last January and this we had a superb stroll through the woods with the kids and dogs enjoying every muddy puddle and slope. The adults got to chat and the kids had a great play. Afterwards we followed up with a chat and refreshments (on a pay for your own basis!) at DiFigaros Cafe next to the Co-op.

Sunday 27th February 2011

February Walk in the Wood  

The Reffley Wood Volunteer Group had an enjoyable walk through the wood looking out for the first signs of spring. We made some walking sticks to help us on the way.

Sunday 27th March 2011

Around 35 people came to build a den hide, hunt for signs of wildlife and have a go at coppicing and deer fence building. We even put the storm kettle on and had a cup of tea. We ran the Creative Sunday family event and the usual Monday Woodland Workout side by side to give people an opportunity to try out both.

The family event included making some bird hide dens in a quiet part of the wood, as well as hunting for signs of wildlife.

The maintenance group were based just down the path. It was the last coppicing of spring as we don't wish to disturb nesting birds. If you need bean poles or pea sticks for your garden you are welcome to take what you harvest. Another task is making deer fences over the top of the stumps to protect their new shoots from the muntjac deer. A vital job as otherwise the tree will eventually die.

Sunday 10th April 2011

Easter Egg Hunt around the wood with bags made with the visiting Norfolk County Council Waste Reduction Team. They brought their gazebo and materials to decorate bags for the egg hunt around the wood.

Sunday 8th May 2011

In a change to our regular events we joined the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Gaywood Valley Project and others in the Walks park in Kings' Lynn as part of a range of environmental activities for 'Wild About the Valley'. For the third year we made clay creatures to be fired and then hidden in the wood in July.

Sunday 12th June


Den building and rhododendron bashing  

A small but perfectly formed group split into two. One group made a fantastic den whilst the other went and bashed the life out of some rhododendron bushes.

Sunday 10th July 2011

Creature Hunt  The Reffley Wood Volunteer Group went on a creature hunt around the wood. A diverse range of creatures (and plants) reside in the woodland from adder, grass snakes and deer to butterflies, dragonflies and a whole host of bugs.

Wednesday 24th August 2011

Play Day in the Wood  We had a lovely relaxed day just playing in the wood. Dens built, clay creatures hunted and much fun had. And a big welcome to all the new people who attended.

Sunday 25th September 2011

Bear Hunt We had a great time hunting for bears, clay creatures, mini-beasts and even found the latest edition to the RWVG team: Rory the Reffley Bear. Look closely and you can see where he was hiding in his little den!

October 2011

Build A Dragon in the Wood as part of the Big Draw  We had a great time hunting for bears, clay creatures, mini-beasts and even found the latest edition to the RWVG team: Rory the Reffley Bear.

Sunday 20th November 2011

BBC Live N Deadly: DSI -  We explored the wood hunting for clues as to whom ate who. Everyone had great fun solving the mystery and all finishers received a badge and certificate.

Sunday 4th December 2011

Christmas Pot Luck Lunch and Crafts - We had a wonderful festive time at Reffley Community Hall. Willow Christmas decorations were made and everyone brought food to share.




Saturday 11th February 2012

February maintenance and winter walk. It was -5C in the snow but ten hardy souls turned up to coppice and drink hot chocolate.

Saturday 24th March 2012

Spring Scavenger Hunt looking for signs of Spring around the wood.

Saturday 14th April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt: a hunt for clues around the wood earning lots of mini chocolate eggs.






Woodland Workout


Maintenance activities in the wood have been billed as Woodland Workouts with the emphasis on meeting new people, having fun and getting fit.  Other activities have included constructing protective deer fences over the coppiced stumps, removing rhododendrons and cutting new paths.  The group hopes to carry out some wildlife surveys and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust has asked us to host wildlife training sessions that they will deliver.

New members are also welcome. Tea and biscuits half-way through has become a tradition. Being outside in a beautiful green space, being active and sociable are all great for your blood pressure and for mental well-being.


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Join our maintenance group - new members always welcome
Would you like to help maintain the wood? All you need is a pair of sturdy shoes (we use sharp tools) and suitable clothing for the weather. There's a friendly bunch of people who all love the wood and enjoy looking after it. You can just turn up at the next event listed here or call Gill on 077666 10376 or 


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